I have finally got round to making ARC’d HD iOS 5.1.1 compatible (apologies on the delay) …

Firstly i’d like to mention the theme will no longer be supporting SD devices, this is down to me not having the time to keep two themes up to date. In retrospect it would have been a good idea to have a unified theme. Lessons learnt.

All icons are themed and have been tested by numerous people.

You can download the update from Cydia via ModMyi or Macciti repo’s or via the link below.

[button link=”http://d.pr/K3FV” style=”download” color=”#000000″ text=”light” window=”yes”]Download Link[/button]

Liam Kenyon

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  1. Ognian Ravanov
    Ognian Ravanov says:

    Hello Liam,

    I love ARC’d! Though some icons stay standard – Mail, Photos, SBSettings, Activator, f.lux, Winterboard… Here is the order of themes activated in Winterboard:
    ARCdHD Sounds
    ARCd iOS5 Fix
    ARCd iOS5 Fix (broken)

    After numerous attempts, this was the most successful order.. I got iPhone 3GS 5.1.1.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    • Liam Kenyon
      Liam Kenyon says:


      If you make sure SummberBoard is enabled, the remaining icons should theme.

      You could also try updating the theme from either MacCiti or ModMyi to version 3.0.

      This will correct any issues your having.


  2. tmarie
    tmarie says:

    i LOVE this theme ! but when i “upgraded” to ios6 and got Arc’d hd all over again the sounds didnt work 🙁
    is it cuz its ios6 or should i try sumn else…?


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