ARC'd HD/SD 5.1.1 Update...

... is coming soon! I have finally updated my phone and now sat happily jailbroken. Once i have all my settings on etc... (gotta be how i like it) i will start updating ARC'd iOS theme. The theme will be hopefully ready by the time…

iDZN - New Theme Preview

Here is iDZN. FOR A CLEARER PREVIEW PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE A new theme I'm working on that will hopefully be released shortly. There is currently 19 icons created with hoping to have all stock and a few 3rd party apps created. I…

New Theme - Clear iOS Icon

Was playing around today trying to finally get some icons made for my up and coming theme (taking a while but i'am busy lol) Just a simple icon for the app Clear. Also shows a few supported devices C&C

New Theme - Update

Had a bit more time to have a play around today. Would like some feedback on the settings icon which version do people prefer? Left or Right? Also I've included a Calculator icon as I didn't want to waste a shot for one icon. I'm quite…

New Theme - First preview

Hello All, I know its been a while but i have finally started a new theme that I'am with. I'm going for a simplier look than ARC'd but with the same quality in icon detail. Let me know what you think of the first preview (Twitter &…

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